Dry Powder Inhalation (DPI) Formulation

DPIs are the most popular formulation for inhaled drug delivery at this time in Europe and are growing rapidly in popularity elsewhere.

The product normally consists of fine particles, but sometimes larger low density particles, and can either be API alone or have a carrier.

Key formulation needs are blend homogeneity for low dose API, adhesion to a carrier for normal use of the device and detachment from the carrier when inhalation begins.

It may be necessary to alter the interaction between the carrier and the API with an additional excipient.

DPI formulation can also deliver large quantities of API (tens of mg) where the formulation challenges differ to those for low dose (mcg).

The target can be delivery to different regions of the lung and also for systemic rather than local delivery.

API can be low molecular weight or a peptide or protein.

Professor Buckton has significant experience in DPI formulation.

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